As the community of believers at 14th Street Church we offer praise and joyful worship to God in response to His saving grace.  Using the full variety of the gifts of the Spirit given to our members, we seek to glorify God as a church through:


Worship: We are committed to purposeful, intergenerational, liturgical worship.

Community: We are a community of believers that works hard at caring, sharing, and fellowship recognizing that all people are created in God’s image.

Involvement: We are committed to actively involving members in the life of the church and employing their gifts.

Faith Nurture: We are committed to children’s worship and educational programs as well as programs for teens and adults which nurture the faith of all members.

Outreach/Evangelism: We believe that God has intentionally placed us at 14th Street and Central Avenue.  We are committed to continue our ministry in our neighborhood and in this community, focusing on programs which assist at-risk children with educational success.

Renewal: We are committed to working toward the coming of God’s kingdom and see ourselves as agents of renewal in our city and in our world.

Stewardship: We are a giving church.  Beyond sustaining our own ministries, we use the financial giving of our members to fulfill our obligations to the ministries of the Christian Reformed Church in North America and our missionary partners, and to benefit other ministries of the community and world at-large.